The rank buckets indicate a homeowner's likelihood to sell in the next 6-12 months based on analytic predictions. All homeowners in your SmartZip farm are included in one of the three rank buckets for easy reference.

They are defined as:

Full Top 20%

Next 50% of homeowners (top 21 - 70%)

Bottom 30% of entire contact list

Q:If a house goes on the market, what happens to the ranking?

As soon as we receive a listing record for a property, their rank will drop significantly and will likely be updated to a 'Low' likelihood to sell. Normally this process is instantaneous; however, in some rare cases, there may be up to a 60-day delay time depending upon the data available in your territory, as we are updating information on over 92 million homes across the country.

To learn more about the difference between SmartTargeting and SmartTargeting for your Sphere rank buckets, click HERE

Q: How often is our data updated?

It depends on many factors: what data, where it’s coming from, and what we need to do with it. In general, our raw data comes to us daily, but there are various delays between an actual event in time and when that data makes it to us, and then processed through our algorithms.

As an example, when a home is sold from one person to another, (or perhaps a mortgage is refinanced), a deed is recorded with the County Recorder's Office. A recorded deed, (normally a set of physical papers), could take up to 3 months to reach us digitally depending on the county in which it occurred. However, this is happening every day across the country, so we are getting hundreds of thousands of records daily!

Q: Is there a way I can see historical information about the property?

You can certainly see the historical details of the property; all you need to do is login in to your Smartargeting account and click on “Contacts” then search for the intended contact and click on it. Please see the image below for reference:

Once you click on the intended contact a drawer will open up on your screen, click on “View Details”

On the next screen you will see an option to view the “Property Details”.

Once you click on the Property Details tab you will be able to see “Home Details”, “Valuation History”, “Prediction History”, “Home Ownership” and “Property Events”.

You can view the “Historical Timeline” under “Property Events” as shown in the below image:

If you have any further questions, please reach out to our support team and we will be happy to assist you further.

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