What does ranking mean?

Each unlocked contact within your account is able to to receive a ranking of either High, Medium, or Low.  You can think of them as scores.  We give them a score of how likely they are to list/sell their home within the next 6-12 months.  Based on this score, we give each contact a ranking so you can see their likelihood to sell.

How are the ranks determined?

Each home in our database is run through our algorithms and given a pre-mover score.  Ranks are determined based on the pre-mover score that we give them.  This score determines how likely that property is to list/sell within the next 6-12 months which could be either High, Medium, or Low.

How are SphereTargeting and SmartTargeting ranks different?

Your SphereTargeting contacts are the ones that YOU (the agent) uploads yourself.  SmartTargeting contacts are the ones included when you purchase geographically-based territory.  The scores are completely different. 

  • SphereTargeting contacts are analyzed for their individual liklihood to sell,  regardless of how they compare to others

  • SmartTargeting contacts are analyzed against other homes within that purchased territory on their likelihood to sell.  Homeowners are then stack ranked by comparing each homeowner's likelihood to sell to all other homeowners within the farm, thus providing the top 20% rank buckets.

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