Reach150 Mobile FAQ

· What is Reach150 Mobile?
 Reach150 Mobile is a new app for iOS that lets you use photos you take on your smart phone to create powerful custom content that represents your authentic self – for example, your latest happy client, close of a big deal, specific areas of expertise, or your latest community service activity. These mobile updates are posted to your Reach150 and social media timelines, as well as to your Reach150 ad network to combine with testimonials to provide further evidence to the great work that you do for your customers.

· When can I get Reach150 Mobile?
It will be available for download in the iTunes App Store later this month.

· How do I get Reach150 Mobile?
 It will be available for download in the iTunes App Store later this month.

· How much does Reach150 Mobile cost?
 Reach150 Mobile is available for free to all Reach150 users as part of any Reach150 subscription package.

· Can I post updates taken with Reach150 Mobile to Facebook or other social media?
 Yes – once you post an update to your Reach150 profile, it can be shared to all of your social sites as well as your email contacts.

· Can I turn updates from Reach150 Mobile into advertisements?
 Yes – Reach150 updates can be made into a display ad right in the app. If you chose to post an update as an advertisement, you add a headline and caption and you will see the ad preview right on your smart phone. Once submitted, the ad immediately becomes your current ad for display and retargeting.

· Can I run Reach150 Mobile on my android device?
 The initial release of Reach150 Mobile is on iOS. The Android version will be released by the end of the year.

· What iOS devices/versions are supported?
 Reach150 Mobile for iOS supports any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 8.2 or later.

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