Customers are happy to write a recommendation for you, but only if you make it visible and easy for them.

The easiest way for you to do it is to integrate the request in your every day workflow. Here are some simple things to set up once allowing you to get a continuous flow of recommendations:

1) On your email address signature, add a request for a recommendation and the link. To learn how, click here

2) Add a request for recommendation to any follow up service communication email. To do this follow the same process adding in a standard email template. click here

3) Put your Reach150 site URL and QR code on your business card. click here to learn how.

4) If you have a CRM or customer communication system, include the request and link there. To learn how to integrate into a CRM click here

5) Insert the “Recommend Me” request link or button on your home page. For details how to do that, click here

6) On your profile page, there is a button to write a recommendation. Encourage all customers to go there. For example, add a tab in your home page titled “Testimonials” and link to your Reach150 site. For more info how to do this click here

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