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You can have a big impact on getting recommendations for your staff, and therefore building the reputation of your entire business.

Here are some best practices to help drive up the response rate:

1) If you send a managers follow up email, consider using “recommend our staff” page. From this page a customer will be able to select a member of your staff and write a recommendation about them. Click here on how to do this. Also including this on all your email communication is good.

2) If you have a CRM system, including a recommendation request from all business and staff email communications is very powerful. Click here to learn how.

3) Put a “Recommend Staff” request link or button on your website. Click here

4) If you run a physical shop or have literature you give to customers, put a recommendation request url and QR code in them. Click here to learn how to do this.

Here is an example in a shop:

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