How do I manage my JL/JS mailer?

The JL/JS mailer approval process is very similar to a standard mailer. You will need to add a custom message or property description, sales or listing price, and property photos.

  1. After the mailer has been added to your Just Listed/Just Sold campaign, select the mailer. On the right-hand side, click EDIT.

2. Click on "Change Creative" to choose from the available JL/JS templates:

3. You can modify which branding layout is used by selecting from the drop down menu. Further customize your mailer by adding your descriptions of the property and listing/sales price!

4. Once you have finished all edits, give the mailer one last view, and click Approve.


How long will it take for my JL/JS mailer to be delivered to my farm?

JL/JS mailer delivery will take roughly 1-2 weeks from the scheduled print date, if approved by the approval deadline. The print date can be adjusted during Step 2 of the checkout process. For more information about how to purchase, click here.

Please note that the approval deadline will vary based on where you are located in the US. The timing (9 AM PST) shown in the above image is for your reference and if you want to export the postcards on the same day we recommend you approve them early in the morning. However, please do not worry, if you miss the approval deadline, we will just export your card the very next day.  Once you approve your postcards within the deadline, we will process everything for the export. The NEW delivery timelines are 2 to 5 days for First Class Postage. *Delivery could vary depending on where you are located in the US. 

For the JL/JS mailers, will I receive a seed copy?

Yes! Just like our standard mailers, you will receive a seed mailer at no additional cost. Please make sure that you have entered in a seed mailer address. You can check this through your Account Settings -> Branding. These are a great way to gauge when mailers are starting to land in your farm. If you selected a JL/JS template to provide individual property key codes to your mailing list recipients, the key code on a seed mailer will be nonfunctional as it is not intended for a targeted homeowner.

Can I feature a property outside of my territory? Do the recipients have to be in my SmartZip farm?

You can absolutely feature any property on the JL/JS cards! We encourage you to share any and all of your successes with homeowners in your territory.

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