What’s New: These new features will mainly affect the Postcards, which includes In Territory Campaigns, Custom Direct Mail and Just Listed/Just Sold Postcards. These new features will be available for Handwritten Letters soon! 

  • HTML Templates: All the Postcards that we have in our data base are now converted into HTML Templates. The purpose of this change is to simply fix commonly reported issues related to display of the postcards and non-uniform text size for branding. This will also open the door to more customizing options for your mailers down the road in future releases!

  • On Demand Export: With this new option you can select any day of the week to schedule/re-schedule your postcards. Once you select a particular date from the calendar, you will see a notification about the Approval Deadline and the Estimated Delivery Range:

Please note that the approval deadline will vary based on where you are located in the US. The timing (9 AM PST) shown in the above image is for your reference and if you want to export the postcards on the same day we recommend you approve them early in the morning. However, please do not worry, if you miss the approval deadline, we will just export your card the very next day.  Once you approve your postcards within the deadline, we will process everything for the export. The NEW delivery timelines are 6 to 12 days for Regular Postage and 2 to 5 days for First Class Postage. *Delivery could vary depending on where you are located in the US. 

  • PDF Proof for Mailer Previews: Once you have selected your desired Postcard design you will be able to see the proof by clicking on the “Preview Mailer” option. The proof which populates will be in PDF format which you can print or download if you wish to. Please make sure you check the PDF proof thoroughly since what you see is what’s going to be printed and delivered to your audience!

  • Tracking Status for Delivery: With our new Tracking Status, you can now track the delivery of your Postcards in real time! The status button will be visible within the campaign box in campaigns overview page.

When you click on the “Status” button from either of the areas shown in the above screenshots you will see a popup with the below information. Please note that when a point on the status timeline is green, it indicates the current stage of the mailer.

Note: These changes are currently effective only for Postcards and will be applicable for any other mailers.

What updates to look forward to in the future:

We will be continuously working on updating and improving features for our mailers and you will see these changes in multiple phases.

Here’s some more improvements that will be coming your way in the near future!
·         Same day export and extended delivery timelines for Handwritten Letters
·         Ability to customize your mailers:

  • Change the colors on your Mailers

  • Adding Customized Verbiage directly onto the mailers

  • PDF proof for Handwritten Letters

  • Detailed Tracking status for Handwritten Letters

  • Expanded Catalog of materials

  • Delivery Status Notifications

If you need any further information or assistance, please reach out to our support team and we will be happy to assist you further!

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