Presenter: This webinar features three teams of various sizes. Those Kunkels - team of two, Terese Brittingham - team lead to 10, OP to 250. And, Andrew Cordoza Director of Operations for Tim Heyl group including hundreds of agents!

Moderator: Lindsay Jung

Date: March 27th, 2019

Title: What Makes Successful Teams Stand Out

Description: Hear from stand out team leaders as they share best strategies for dominating their market. Featured StandOut Leads; Terese Brittingham, Real Estate Broker and OP of Keller Williams Realty Group Market Centers in Limerick, Audubon, and Quakertown. Those Kunkels, Steve and Leslie Kunkel Keller Williams team of two in Atlanta and Team Leaders for 40 agents in their recently launched market center in St. Simon's Island, GA. And Andrew Cavazos, Director Of Operations at The Heyl Group with stand-out offices and hundreds of agents in Austin, Dallas, Houston, Denver, and Atlanta markets. Andrew is responsible for training, account management, product and technology, and lead generation.

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