What is Custom Direct Mail: 

Our customized direct mail campaigns will enable you to launch mailing campaigns to specific audiences of your choice. You can choose your audience from your Sphere as well as Smart targeting contacts. Whether it be for nurturing your sphere or segmenting your direct mail campaign these customized campaigns make it easy for you. You'll be able to choose from a wide variety of offers that apply to your desired audience and launch your direct campaign that can range from sending one card to one person in your sphere or building a comprehensive 1 to 12 months campaign that goes directly to your entire contact database. 

You can access this feature by logging into your SmartZip account and from the left side panel on your screen choose 

*Please note that when you launch a custom campaign the audience that you’ve chosen will be locked in and you will not be able to modify the same for the duration of the campaign. Hence it is important to note the audience you will be choosing for any given campaign*

How to purchase CDM:

  1. Login into your SmartZip account.

  2. Click on ‘Add-on’ section present on your left-hand side of your account

  3. Choose ‘Custom Direct Mail’ option from drop-down list

Click on ‘Get Started’.

Once you click on “Get Started” you will be redirected to the next page where you can “Refine  your Audience” using our Circle Prospecting tool. You will have two option using which you can search for your intended audience:

  1. By Address: If you want to search for a particular address you can do so my entering the intended address in the respective field and our system will show you suggestions to auto fill the correct address. Then you can select the intended radius for your marketing. You will have an option between 0.5 miles to 15 miles. The next step would be choosing filters which are provided by Smartzip. Your selected area will be show on the map tool below the options. 

2.    By My List: This option will allow you to choose from already created labels that you intend to market to. All you need to do is click on the drop down menu and choose the right label of your choice. 

To know more about creating labels please click here 

On the right side of the screen you can see the order summary after the desired selection is made. You can then click on “Next” to proceed further.

The next step would be choosing your apt “Marketing Channels” in this page you will be provided with options such as “Duration” that you want your marketing to go on for, “Frequency” that you want to set per month and “How would you like your mailers distributed ” between Handwritten Notes and PostCards, Payment Plan, Billing Information and option to enter a Promo Code if you have any. 

You can also use our Change Creative option to select the desired design for your mailers. 

Once you click on Pay & Launch the order will be placed and you will see a screen with confirmation of your order. Also included in the screen is Important information on Auto Approval of your first Mailer. Please note that your first mailer will be auto approved by our system and the next available export date will be selected. However, you can still visit our campaigns section and choose a different export date as per availability. 

To know more about approving mailers please click here

Approximate Rates for Custom Direct Mail:

Postcard is 0.75/each

Handwritten Letter is $1.15/each

*Please note that these rates are approximates as they depend on the quantity that you order*

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