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"Reach 150" Search Engine Optimization FAQ's
"Reach 150" Search Engine Optimization FAQ's
Learn about Reach 150 Search Engine Optimization and the FAQ's
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What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization” it is the process of getting traffic to your website from the search results on search engines.

1. Reach150 SEO is primarily tied to your Name, Job Title and Company

2. The aim is to get your page to the top in search, ideally top half but no "guarantees" as the results depend on multiple factors.

To learn more about ranking high in search results please click here 

Why isn't my Reach150 page ranking high in search?

The ranking depends on multiple factors, a few are listed below:

1. What is the frequency of the content?

Frequency of content increases when you make changes to your content regularly, like updating recommendations, adding content to your account.

2. What is your visitor amount overall and in last 30 days?

If more number of visitors search your name and visit your page, it will most likely help in listing your page high in the search results.

3. How long have you had your Reach150 account?

If you are new to Reach150 and do not have much content on your page the chances are that the page will not rank high in the search results.

4. Is your name common?

If you share a common name with a person who is frequently searched, there is a good chance that your website might not rank high in the search results.

5. Do you have a lot of pre-existing web presence?

If you have any websites that already rank high, then the chances are your Reach 150 page might not show up on top due to the pre-existing web presence.

What improves SEO? 

To improve your SEO, below are some tips that might be useful

1. Frequency of new content on your page

a) Drive New recommendations: Reach out to you past and current clients and ask them to write about their experience when working with you and post it to your Reach 150 page. It’s an easy process for your clients to leave a recommendation about you. To learn how easy the process is click here 

b) Drive Photo Updates: Keep posting new photo updates regularly, tell your clients about the house you sold or listed by posting a photo update.

c) Drive Video Updates: Post relevant videos updates which will help you market yourself and helps you in listing your page high in the search results

2. Traffic to and from your page

a) One of the most popular ways to promote a recommendation page is to include it in an email signature link. You can also share the link to your social media. To know more about how to include the Reach 150 link to your email signature please click here

b) Another thing “Search” like are links to your Reach150 profile. So, if you have a website, include a tab in your website titled “Testimonials” and have it link to your Reach150 site. Any other sites that makes sense to link to your Reach150 site is good to have.

c) You can show your published recommendations directly on your website with Reach150’s Recommendation Widget. To learn more please click here 

3. Search Words (aka Keywords): These are terms and words that your prospects may type to find your service. Therefore, including these terms in our Reach150 "about" description will help with search results. For example, your customer may type: “Palo Alto Realtor Home” or “Cisco reseller Bay Area”. So, make sure these words are in your Reach150 business description. In general, it’s best to include these aspects in your business description: your services, your specialties, OEM venders you support, and words that describe your industry. Also, search engines like fresh content, so it helps to periodically update your "about" section.

What won't help?

1. Bulk Imports 

2. Not promoting/driving traffic to your page.

3. Having duplicate content

4. Not continually updating page with new content

5. Re-indexing your page (under some circumstances)

When to Re-index or not To Re-index.


  • If you google your name+Reach150 and there isn't a result

  • Google search result shows old company information

  • Google search result doesn't show updated testimonial count or star rating

  • Cached version of the page shows outdated version

Do not Re-index:

  • No content on page at all

  • No recent content to page

The above-mentioned factors are few of many which will help your Reach 150 page rank high in the search results. If you have any further queries, please feel free to reach out to our support team via chat or email and we will be happy to assist you further!

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