Q: How do I create/manage my branded online ads?

First, you will need to update your Profile Settings since all information for branded online ads are pulled from this profile. Once your Agent profile is complete, here's how to access your branded online ads:

Click Campaigns, click Overview, click View Campaigns under Possible Sales. You will see your ads in a list view, with the status of your ads to the left of the miniature picture of your ad. 

If you are creating ads for the first time:

  1. Click Edit, you will be taken to the screen where you can manage your ads. 

2. Click Change Creative, underneath the Publish button. You can use a filter by clicking on the Filters button in the upper left hand corner. Select a template, then click Confirm in the upper right corner to exit the templates.

3. Underneath the preview of your ad creative, select up to 4 fields for your branding to appear on the online ads.  Make sure to also choose the correct Branding Layout.

4.  If you are branding a second agent, click Secondary Agent and repeat the same steps.

5. Once you have made all the modifications you would like, click Publish.

If you are updating your ads:

Click Change Creative, then repeat the steps listed above.

Q: Can I upload my own design?

Absolutely! This is your campaign, so feel free to use your design! Your own custom designs can be uploaded right from within your account. The specs to create the display ads are

160x600 pixels; Top Banner

300x250 pixels; Standard 

728x90 pixels Right Hand Side

File size 45-50 KB’s JPEG save for web format (72 dpi recommended).

To Upload - Once you click "Change Creative" while in the edit screen for any online marketing campaign, you will see an option to Drag & Drop your image or Browse. Click on this box, and you will be taken to the screen to upload your design. Click Confirm once you are finished uploading.

Q: Can I use my own URL as the destination URL?

Yes, you can! However, you will need to upload your own creative in order to utilize this feature. This is because we want to make sure the message of the ad and the destination URL (the website the are re-directed to) are cohesive. If you do utilize your own ad and URL, SmartZip CANNOT track any leads that go to your own site; we can only track anyone who visits one of your SmartZip landing sites and leaves their information. 

*Please note that once approved/ published, your ads will be ongoing until the end date of the campaign. You can find the end date on the overview page of your ads. If you want to stop a campaign, we will have to remove the whole campaign from your account, which means you will lose the audience of the campaign that we were able to match IP addresses with and also any retargeting. Please contact your Support Team if you'd still like to stop your ads. 

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