A SphereTargeting subscription basically acts as a key to unlock contacts, providing you with access to in-depth analytical insights on both properties and homeowners.  While it is not a requirement to unlock your contacts, it is recommended in order to take advantage of the valuable information that is readily available.  

One credit is all that is required to unlock one contact.  Once unlocked, you will have unlimited access to these predictive insights until the end of your subscription.  Credits can be purchased in addition to the complimentary 250 provided just to try it out.

Wondering if you can use key SmartTargeting Account features with a SphereTargeting subscription?  Look no further!  Just like with any other contact listed on your contacts page, you can take advantage of all of the CRM features to keep in touch with your sphere.  Track your outreach by logging your activity via the CheckIn and take all the guesswork out of following up with the Action Board and lead funnel.

Even add the people in your Sphere to custom Labels, Favorites, etc. for easy contact management, so you never miss a chance to connect.  SmartTargeting for your Sphere even has its own label for clear identification.

Purchasing a Subscription

Your on-going subscription plan will be determined based on the package you choose at checkout.

For first time purchases, you can choose your payment interval: monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually.  For example, if you opt for semi-annual payment, you will be charged once every 6 months to continue your uninterrupted access to these analytical insights.  Note that the longer the payment interval, the more of a discount you will receive!  Once finished, click Next to complete your purchase.

If you have purchased subscription credits before, your payment interval has been set and all you need to do is confirm and click Next to complete your purchase!

Once on the payment page, confirm or add in your credit card information, and click Checkout.

You will be charged in full upon completing your purchase.  Purchased subscription credits will be immediately available to start unlocking contact analytical insights of your choice!


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Please be sure to check out the entire "Getting Started" Collection in our Support Center for awesome content that will help you complete and navigate your account! 

**Please note:  You may notice reference to geographical farms within the above "Getting Started" articles.  These articles were originally created for our territory-based SmartTargeting users but are also relevant for our SphereTargeting users.  If you have any questions or feedback regarding your account setup, please contact the Support Team via Email or Live Chat!**

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