How to utilize your Lead Capture Websites

In addition to following the steps listed in the first three sections of this article (i.e. promoting your lead capture sites to social media, adding your URL to your email signature, and adding a widget to your website and blog), be strategic and include your websites on all other types of marketing!  This can include door drops, newsletters, business cards, and flyers!
You can include links to your lead capture websites in the "About Me" sections in all you social media profiles (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter,, etc.)

Sample Facebook About Me Section:

A great way to generate traffic on your SmartZip landing pages is to alternate the landing pages that you are posting about on your social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Webpage).

Here is an example of what your Facebook Post will look like:

Another fun way to promote your landing pages to your followers as well as engage your audience is to utilize Facebook Live.

Custom Fields and How to Best Utilize them:

This section will allow you to gather additional information to help you understand your leads better. All you need to do is decide what information you want to acquire from the homeowner and give the custom field a relevant name. Then you can decide if this field is optional or required by toggling the “Required” button. 

For example, you would want to know for how long the current homeowner lived at the property. You can then add a relevant field and gather the intended information. You can refer to the screenshot below for better understanding.

Each landing page has a different function to entice homeowners no matter their need.  It is important to think about what items of value you will be presenting to the home owners that will encourage them to engage with you.

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