Within your SmartTargeting account, we have included a navigation bar to make navigating your platform easier than ever! You can find it to the left of your screen when you are logged into your account. To expand and collapse the navigation bar, click on the "hamburger" button so see the bar in either icon form or text form. 

Section 1: Dashboards 

  • Summary: This is the main screen you come to whenever you log into your account. The dashboards summary screen will give you a high-level overview of what is going on in your account at that time. You will be able to track your online ad progress, keep track of how many mailers you've sent out and how many you have remaining, check out any recent leads that you may have, see an overview of your contacts list, and even access any of our a la carte items that you can purchase at any time! You will also see a red banner across the top of your dashboard that notifies you if you have any overdue campaigns. 

  • Action Board: You action board is where you can keep track of any action items you have scheduled for yourself or action items that the platform has automatically scheduled for you. You can schedule an action for yourself through a contact's profile. Some of these actions include: call, email. doorknock, etc. Once action has been completed, mark it as "Complete" or just "Dismiss" the action all together if you no longer want it in your action board. See an action in there that you did not schedule yourself? No worries! The system will sometimes create an action to complete whenever a new lead comes in. Utilize your action board to stay on top of your actions to ensure you are staying connected to your contacts and any leads! 

  • Lead Funnel:  The Lead Funnel provides visibility into the homeowners and contacts who have responded to your marketing. Leads are marked as New, Hot, and/or Follow up. You will also see which lead capture site the lead visited when responding to your marketing. The lead funnel will display all leads within or outside your territory.

a. New leads: contact that has accessed a landing page within the last 14 days
b. Hot leads: contact that has requested a consultation or to speak with you directly
c. Follow Up leads or Nurture leads: contacts who need consistent follow-up, as they will likely list in the next 6 – 12 months
d. Removed leads: contacts you do not wish to market to (suppressed)
e. Other (i.e. past listings, currently listed with another agent, etc.)

  • Performance: This section allows you to monitor your territory's turnover to ensure SmartTargeting's predictions are accurate. You can also get a high-level view of your marketing, including your overall lead capture rate and your response rate for specific campaigns like mailers, email nurture, and more.

The territory performance section will show you how many homes have listed in your top 20% and compare it the amount of homes that have listed in your bottom 80%. This tells us how well out data is performing and how much more effective it is to target and focus on your top 20%. If you have more than 1 territory, you will be able to see all of them here. Please note that you will not see anything in this section for at least 90 days into your campaign. 

The marketing performance section will give you stats on online ad impressions and any active campaigns.  

Section 2: Contacts:

 This is the section where you will find all of your contacts within your territory, along with any of your own contacts that you have uploaded yourself. You can utilize filters, labels, and even a drop down menu to view different groups within your contact list. Use the search bar to quickly find a contact. You can even select how many contacts per page you'd like to view at a time. You will see 4 blue icons towards the top of your page. Use these buttons to see a map view of your territory, import one contact at a time or a whole list of contacts, and download a list of your contacts. Browse through your Top 20% contacts, scrub your list and remove any prospect you don't want to receive any marketing, and start making those connections! 

Section 3: Campaigns

  • Overview: This section will give you a high-level overview of what is going on with your campaigns. You will see the same widgets that appear on your dashboards summary in this campaigns overview as well. The colorful boxes will show you your different campaigns that you have ongoing within your account. They will be grouped by either 'Running' campaigns or 'Completed' campaigns. 

  1. Possible Sale: All current marketing material that goes out to your Top 20% is housed here 

  2. Lead Nurture: Keep track, view, enable, or disable your automatic email drip campaigns here. These emails only go out to your respondents in your lead funnel who have left an email address

  3. Just Listed/ Just Sold: Purchase a JL/JS card anytime you have a chance to show your farm the activity that is happening around them! If you get a listing in your Top 20%, you may qualify for a special promo so reach out to your support team!

  • Action Needed: Utilize this section to prioritize, reschedule, edit, and approve any campaigns that need action on them. Filter to only see postcards or handwritten notes and view that mailer's approval deadline and delivery dates. 

Section 4: Recommendations:

 This will take you directly to your Reach150 site. Reach150 is a review and testimonial site where you can grow your online presence!

  • Please make sure your profile is set up and complete. 

  • Once you're all set up, start requesting recommendations! You can do this from your Home screen. It's so simple, just enter in a list of email addresses and hit 'Send!'

For more information on Reach150, click here.

Section 5: Add-Ons: 

Our add-on items allow you to purchase and create new campaigns to custom audiences of your choosing! Purchase postcards for anyone within your farm, start an online ad campaign to your sphere-of-influence, or have our inside sales agents do the cold-calling for you! You can start a new campaign anytime you wish; that's the beauty of it!

Here is a quick overview of each Add-On Campaign you can purchase:

Online Ads: Create and customize an online ad campaign that can include Facebook and Instagram ads! Choose your audience and the duration of the campaign to make this targeted to a special audience of your choosing!
Connect Plus: Need phone numbers to help you prospect? We've got you covered with our connect plus feature! All we need is the property address and we can match most numbers associated with that home at a great price.
Custom Direct Mail: This feature allows you to purchase more postcards and handwritten notes and send them to a custom audience of your choosing! Choose from one of our hundreds of desgins or upload your own creative. It's simple and easy and you get to control this campaign completely at your fingertips.
Just Listed/Just Sold: Get a listing or sold a home? Send out a postcard to your territory to let them know this activity is happening! These cards come with first class postage to ensure they arrive in a timely manner. We also have a special promotion that if you get a listing or sell a home in your Top 20%, please reach out to your Support Team to receive 100 FREE JL/JS cards!
Predictive Insights: Upload your own contacts and leverage our predictive analytics to know who within your own sphere-of-influence has a High, Medium, or Low liklihood of listing/selling! Each account comes with some credits to try this out but you can purchase more at any point in time on a monthly subscription basis.

Section 6: Profile & Account Settings/ Support Center

The one last area you will need to know in order to navigate through your SmartTargeting platform, is your headshot icon that always appears in the top right-hand corner of your account. 

Click on your headshot to reveal a drop-down menu. This menu will take you to your:

  1. Profile Settings: This is where you can access your Agent Profile. Any editing you need to make for your branding and marketing material should be done here. Create a Partner profile or even a Team profile to make sure you are branding yourself exactly how you want! 

2. Account Settings: Need to update your password, manage your notifications, or view your branding and lead capture sites? All of that can be done here, in the account settings. Even update your billing information or check out your invoices. Any kind of account management items you need to complete will be here.

3. Support Center: Check out our Support Center for strategy webinars, instructional content, FAQs, scripts and more! 

We hope you found this helpful! If you have any more questions or need assistance, please reach out to your Support Team!

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