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How to Keep Your Recommendations When Switching to a New Company
How to Keep Your Recommendations When Switching to a New Company
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When a user who originally used Reach150 under one employer, but is moving on to a new company, it is easy to maintain all your recommendations.
1) Log in to your Reach150 profile and go to "Account."
2) You will see these instructions below Notification settings:
Keep Your Recommendations Even After You Leave [Your Company].

Recommendations that you receive at Reach150 Social, Inc. will benefit you now AND in the future.
Let us know your personal email address and we'll create a Reach150 Pro account for you if you do not already have one.
If you already have one, then we'll link this account to your Pro account. With your Reach150 Pro account, you can keep showcasing your recommendations even after you leave Reach150 Social, Inc..
It is free to create a Pro account.

3) Enter your personal email account to link to your old company employee account, and you will be able to keep past recommendations and publish new recommendations.
NOTE: If your past employee used to sponsor your original Reach150 subscription, contact to find the best subscription option for you as an individual user so you can continue publishing recommendations, even after you've left your company.

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