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Is it possible to integrate the recommendation request into our CRM tool?
Is it possible to integrate the recommendation request into our CRM tool?
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*Please note that this only applies to organizations, and unfortunately, we currently are not able to accommodate for single, individual users.

Reach150 has created a template that enables you to have a CRM automatically email recommendation requests to your clients. You can use the same template for all of your staff so set up is very easy. This method of recommendation request is an excellent way to guarantee a constant flow of recommendations with minimal, if any, involvement from your users once it is set up. 

The key element is a link that includes the Reach150 user's email address, the email address of the client who is being asked to write the recommendation, and the custom CRM code for the Reach150 Organization:

Here is an example of an email to request a recommendation from a Buyer:

Hello <{Buyer's Name}>,

This is <{Agent's Name}> at <{Company Name}> and I have a quick favor to ask of you. If you think I've done good work for you, please consider writing me a recommendation that I can share online. You will not need to create an account.

Please click on the following link to leave me a recommendation.  It's a simple click, no login or account required.

I'd be personally grateful for the effort.

Thank you,

<{Agent's Name}>
<{Company Name}>

Note: The
[REACH150_CRM_CODE] is a special code that comes from Reach150. Please contact to request the code.

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