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How to link your personal website to your Reach150 account via Widget
How to link your personal website to your Reach150 account via Widget
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You can show your published recommendations directly on your website with Reach150’s Recommendation Widget.

The widget is easy to create and it can be customized to match the look and feel of your website.
 Once you create your own widget, all you need to do is copy paste the generated HTML snippet to your webpage.

Here’s one of our client’s website with the recommendation widget integrated:

How to create your Recommendation Widget:

You can create a widget to show recommendations for all of the staff for your business, or for a specific individual only.

To create the widget for the business, log in as a Business Admin and follow the instructions below.
 To create the widget for an individual, login as either a Business User or a Professional User and follow the instructions below.

After logging in, click on the Tools tab, then click on Create My Own Recommendation Widget link.

You will see a screen like the following:

There’s a number of parameters that you can customize, including the dimension of the widget, as well as colors, font, what type of recommendations to display, how many, etc.
 As you modify the parameters, Widget Preview will update automatically so that you can see the changes as you go. Once you set the parameters to where you like them, copy paste the HTML Snippet to your webpage where you’d like the widget to appear.

Note: The max number of recommendations shown cannot be greater than 100. If a number greater than 100 is specified, it is assumed to be 100. In case you have more than 100 published recommendations, 100 most recent ones will be shown.

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