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Can I add testimonials I received from elsewhere?
Can I add testimonials I received from elsewhere?
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Reach150 is built to be the easiest way to collect recommendations for the ongoing great work you do. It is also a methodology to have these recommendations be highly ranked in search results and social posts to drive new business to you.

Occasionally we get questions on adding testimonials that have previously been collected manually or via another site. Here are some considerations to be aware of:

  1. If it's a review on another site, then you will need to consider the Terms of Service for that site. Often they will consider that your recommendation/review is their property and will not legally allow it to be transferred out of their site. 

2) If it's a testimonial or recommendation already on your site or another site and has been found by search engines, then there are SEO implications in having an exact copy on another site. This is known as "Duplicate Content" and will have significant negative search impacts. Instead, there are proper ways to link content and why Reach150 has a widget so you can embed your Reach150 recommendations on your website without hurting search results for either site.

3) If you have a paper or email written testimonial from a client, they may not have authorized the use of it on a site. Hence having your client add the recommendation directly on Reach150 means they have opted into the ToS of allowing it to be on Reach150.

We recommend that you send your past clients a fresh new request for a recommendation using the Reach150 platform. They will then write you a recommendation in a new voice and chances are it will not be an exact duplicate of the previous testimonial they wrote. This way you are best assured not to fall into one of the above 3 pitfalls.

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