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Why does my Reach150 profile rank so well in search results?
Why does my Reach150 profile rank so well in search results?
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Your Reach150 profile ranks especially well in search results for a number of reasons:

#1 We have designed the Reach150 platform with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. So all aspects of how information is presented are optimized according to popular search engine guidelines, as well as giving you the ability to link your profile with your Google+ account and share on social media platforms. And we are continually updating our service based on the latest SEO guidelines.

#2 Your content matters! When you activate your account, create your public profile and get recommendations, this content will improve SEO results. The more specific you are about your business and the services you provide, the better results you will get.

#3 The more frequent and recent your recommendations are, the more loved they are by search engines. Search engines such as Google constantly update search results to reflect the most recent and most relevant content to search queries. Since Reach150 allows you to easily gather and publish testimonials, your profile provides a constant flow of pertinent, quality content, and search engines reflect that.

For more info on how to get the most out of SEO strategy, please see our Best Practices guides.

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