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Maximize Direct Traffic to Your Recommendation Page
Maximize Direct Traffic to Your Recommendation Page
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Direct Traffic is visitors that get to your page from other web properties and things such as links in emails. Here are some simple ways to increase direct traffic:

1) Include a link in your email signature. A popular way to describe the link is "See what clients are saying about me online". 

2) Use the Reach150 Recommendation Widget to publish your recommendations on your website. You can find the widget in your account under the "Tools" page

3) Build your partner network and invite others to Reach150. As your referral partners activate their accounts and add you as their referral partner, it increases the chance for a direct traffic visit from your partner.

4) Have your recommendations showcased on your associations organization Reach150 page. If you are a member of any networking or association organization, help get their business page up and you will be showcased there. See here for an example.

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