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Working with your Recommendation request page
Working with your Recommendation request page
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For Business and Professional Users:

To request new recommendations as well as see history of past recommendation requests and how they performed, login to your account, then click on the Manage Requests tab.

Your history of recommendation requests is visible (i.e. when you made recommendation requests, to whom, if and when the recommendation link was clicked in the request email, and if and when it was written), you can resend requests, and compose and send requests.

Once a request is sent, it will automatically send 2 reminders if the recipient has not responded, for a total of 3 times. You can manually resend by clicking the Resend button to the right. 

If you received an anonymous recommendation and want to see who wrote it, you can correlate the recommendation by looking at the "Fulfilled On" date. This way you can be confident you can associate the recommendation to the service you provided, although publicly they choose to be anonymous.

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