The Lead Funnel provides visibility into the homeowners and contacts who have responded to your marketing. Leads are marked as New, Hot, and/or Follow up. You may also be able to see which marketing campaign or lead capture site the lead visited when responding to your marketing.

a. New leads: contact that has accessed a landing page within the last 14 days
b. Hot leads: contact that has requested a consultation or to speak with you directly
c. Follow Up leads or Nurture leads: contacts who need consistent follow-up, as they will likely list in the next 6 – 12 months
d. Removed leads: contacts you do not wish to market to (suppressed)
e. Other (i.e. past listings, currently listed with another agent, etc.)

Not only will the Lead Funnel display all leads within or outside of your territory, but it will show you when you last checked in with them, and if there is an open action item waiting to be completed in your Action Board.

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