Connect Plus is an add-on service where you can purchase phone numbers from Landvoice through your SmartTargeting platform. Phone numbers are available for purchase at $.60 per matched property and can be used in your continued efforts to build relationships with homeowners within your CRM. 

Choose between your Top 20%, your entire territory, leads, SOI, etc. To maximize results, we recommend that you match as many of your contacts as possible. Match rates do vary based on location, therefore, you will be able to preview a maximum cost before you order. On average, you can expect a match rate of 80 - 95% of your entire purchased territory. After you purchase the phone appends they will be available in your contacts list typically within approximately 60 minutes. 

Will I receive phone numbers on the “Do Not Call” list in my Connect Plus order?

Yes, we will pull and match any and all numbers that we can for each property, this includes phone numbers that are on Do Not Call lists. However, we will identify all Do Not Call numbers for you with the red icon below.

When purchasing Connect Plus phone numbers, you will only be charged by each property we are able to match numbers for, not by the individual phone numbers we match. If we are able to match only one number for a property, it will cost the same as if we are able to match 10 numbers for a single property. In relation to that, if we are unable to match any phone numbers to a property, you will not be charged at all.

The National Do Not Call Registry is a list of phone numbers from consumers who have indicated their preference to limit the telemarketing calls they receive."

When somebody is on the do not call registry, this means that you cannot solicit business to them. Please use the Federal Trade Commission's Reference Guideregarding provisions where uses are appropriate for these numbers.

Can I order more phone numbers if I have already done it?

Absolutely! If you choose to purchase more phone numbers at a later time, Connect Plus will filter out any contacts for whom numbers were already purchased, leaving only those who were not included before. Remember, the contacts Connect Plus will retrieve numbers for is specific to the audience you specify, i.e. if you select top 20% originally, then attempting to purchase phone numbers for the top 20% again at a later time may not yield much of a gain. To avoid this, simply make sure to broaden your audience by selecting another contact label.

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