How do I download a list?
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To download a list of your contacts, first go to your Contacts page, which you can find on the navigation bar to the left of your screen.

You will then need to filter your contacts list to the contacts that you want to export into a CSV file. You can download your Top 20% list, all of your leads in your lead funnel by clicking on 'Leads,' or use the 'All Filters' to organize your list (ex. show contacts with phone numbers & email addresses).

On the Contacts page, on the right-hand side, there is an icon (shown below) that will allow you to export your list. If you would like to download only certain contacts, use the filters/labels located above the list, to refine your list beforehand.


Your list will be emailed to your login email in CSV format.

You can choose to have your list presorted from the drop-down menu, options include:

- Owner Name

- Target Rank

- Property Address

- Last Activity Date

You can also choose to include information such as homeowner contact information (if available), keycode, and property attributes.

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