SmartTargeting for your Sphere aka SphereTargeting allows you to seamlessly blend your Sphere and your farm-based targets!   Enhanced to incorporate everything you love about SmartTargeting, with a little something extra: you can upload your Sphere of Influence to nurture right alongside your Top 20%!  Upload up to 10,000 contacts and start connecting with them on a whole new level. 

Unlike other CRMs, our advanced system incorporates subscriptive access to a wealth of data and rich insights.  Stay in touch with your Sphere by leveraging readily available add-on features and learn more about the people you know, including their selling intent and motivations, by unlocking deeper levels of insight. 

In addition, SmartTargeting for your Sphere is fully integrated with the features you already love, like lead nurture email drip campaigns, automated marketing, and the Check-In App, plus all-new features like Custom Direct Mail and Brand Booster Online Ads.  The analytics are always updating, too, so even as your Sphere grows, SmartTargeting for your Sphere grows with them, ensuring that you are the first person that pops into mind when opportunity strikes.  With smart targeting for your Sphere, your contacts will always be kept secure and their details private.  All associated details will be exclusive to you, no sharing information here!  Keep your edge over the competition--uncover the sellers you already know before other agents do!

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