Presenter: Malik Dunbar, a SmartZip Strategy Specialist

Moderator: Steve Kim

Date: May 23rd, 2017 @ 10 AM PST

Title: Get More Leads! Boosting Traffic to your SmartZip Lead Capture Site


Join Malik Dunbar to discuss agent-tested tactics to "Boost Traffic to your Lead Capture Sites". Malik is a lead and integral member of SmartZip’s Strategy Specialist Team who in the past year have assisted over 1500 agents in best practices sharing sessions. He has covered topics ranging from but not limited to hosting community events to leveraging social media to build brand recognition and awareness.

In this session, Malik will cover the following topics:
• How and where to promote your landing pages
• How to use your current marketing communications to increase brand visibility and lead volume
• Capturing leads during events
• Impactful ways to utilize SmartZip features such as AVMs and Email Nurture PDFs
• And More!

Don’t miss out on the best ways to utilize what SmartZip has to offer with your current marketing game plan!

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