What is the Lead Nurture Email Drip Campaign? 

Our lead nurture campaigns are an automatic email drip campaign that get sent out whenever any respondents visit one of your 4 landing sites and leave an email address (they need to leave a valid email address in order for the campaign to begin).

We have 2 automatic email drip campaigns: the first one is an 8x8 weekly campaign, meaning they will receive one email each week, for eight weeks. The second campaign is a monthly Home Trends Report that gets sent out once a month. 

To view these campaigns, go to Campaigns on your navigation bar to the left of your screen. Click on Overview.

Click on the green Lead Nurture box. 

You will be able to view each email that is sent out, as well as keep track of who these emails have been delivered to, who has opened them, and who has clicked on them. You can even control whether or not to turn these drip campaigns 'On' or 'Off.'

Remember, these are automatic campaigns sent on your behalf, there is no extra work on your end besides to promote your 4 landing sites! 

If you'd like to use the 8x8 campaigns and set up your own drip campaign or even print them out and bring them with you door-knocking, you can utilize the blue Download button in the top right-hand corner. 

For more information please feel free to reach out to your support team via the live chat feature shown to the right.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How and when do the Lead Nurture/Drip campaigns start?

The email nurture and drip campaigns are automatically sent to any respondents who left an email address and any other required contact information when visiting one of your landing sites.  The email nurture will start one week after the homeowner visits, and will continue for 8 weeks.  After the 8 weeks are over, the respondent will no longer receive any weekly follow up emails.

Similar to the email nurture, the monthly drip campaign (Home Trends Report) is sent near the end of each month.  The respondent will continue to receive the monthly emails until or unless they unsubscribe or are disabled by the agent. 

Is the content of the weekly nurture campaign editable? Can I select which email content is sent?

No, the content is not currently customizable except for your branding information.  You can opt into utilizing the weekly nurture campaign, however the content is fixed--8 touches for 8 weeks.  In the future, you will have many more customizable options to fine-tune your nurture.

How do I get started? How can I manage the nurture campaigns?

Both the email nurture and drip campaigns are defaulted to On.  Since they are automatically sent to your respondents who left email addresses, you will not need to approve the content.

To view sample content:

1. Go to Campaigns.

2. Click on Lead Nurture.  You can now see either the 8 week nurture campaign or the Home Trends Report monthly drip by scrolling down the page.  Keep track of in-territory and out-of-territory contacts that are receiving these email drip campaigns.
3. Download the 8 week drip campaign as PDFs and use these in your prospecting efforts. 

To turn off either of the campaigns as a whole, click on the campaign and simply click the On or Off button. This will turn both the 8 week and HTR campaigns off.

Who receives the weekly nurture campaign? Can I add targets to the recipient list?

The only targets that receive the weekly nurture campaign are new respondents and any returning respondents moving forward, provided that they give their email address and any other required contact information.  This means that if the homeowner visited recently, they are able to receive content.

Since this campaign is specifically created for homeowners who have visited one of the sites, we cannot manually add targets to the recipient list.  That being said, we strongly recommend you add at least one of your branded URLs to all of your marketing material and promote it on social media to make it easy for homeowners to access your landing sites, and possibly be added to your nurture campaigns!
How can homeowners opt out of emails?

Homeowners can elect to opt-out of receiving either of the email drip campaigns by clicking unsubscribe at the bottom of any email.

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