A CheckIn is a vital part to the SmartTargeting CRM. It is the way to log all of your relationship building efforts by completing activities such as door knocking, cold calling, events, etc., and tracking them in a timeline form (activity stream) for later reference.

To locate the CheckIn feature within your SmartTargeting account:

Click on your contacts list and then click onto any individual contact in your list

Now you will find the CheckIn and CRM features located near the right side of the contact details screen

Let's take a closer look at the CheckIn flow.

1. You can specify who you spoke to, when you spoke with them, & update their selling intent based on your conversation.

2. Add notes, recordings, & pictures pertaining to the homeowner and/or property to provide context for your follow up.

3. After you have finished logging your most recently completed activity, schedule your follow up at the same time!

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