What is Outreach?

Through this feature, Smartzip works with an independent call center that reaches out via telephone and prospects to home owners within your farm for potential listing appointments. The outreach program leverages highly experienced Inside Sales Associates (ISAs) as well as industry leading call center best practices and scripts to identify in-market sellers. 

This can help further identify the selling intent and timelines for home owners in your farm in a time effective manner. To learn more about how to take advantage of this consistent and hassle-free way to qualify leads at a scale, please contact your support team!

SmartZip Outreach FAQ’s:

What do I get with Smartzip Outreach?

With Smartzip Outreach, you will receive phone numbers for the audience you have chosen for this campaign. The Inside Sales Associates (ISAs) will then call this audience on your behalf to gauge the selling intent and qualify leads for you. 

All lead information gathered will be provided to you, and you will also have the ability to speak directly with any leads that are identified.

Who are ISAs and will they be calling on my behalf?

ISAs are Internal Sales Associates that have been trained in the real estate industry to specifically gauge homeowner interest and pre-qualify for listing appointments.

Yes, the ISAs will be the individuals reaching out to your SmartZip Outreach audience on your behalf.

Are ISAs real estate agents? What are their qualifications?

Internal Sales Associates go through an automated training, testing, and growth platform that we utilize. This growth platform works to determine the best fit for the ISA. This could include areas of fit such as prospecting, administration, or marketing. This is all based on a series of questions that also helps determine which market they should be placed in.

What kind of script will the ISAs be using and times of day ISA’s make calls?

The Internal Sales Associates will be using an internal script that has been created specifically for outreach to homeowners to gauge their interest in listing their home. 

You will also have a meeting with an ISA prior to the start of any calling campaign so that you have the ability to explain the demographics, area served, and any unique needs within your farm.

With our current technology, the Inside Sales Associates are able to dial all campaigns throughout the entire work day to ensure all peak contact hours are met for each time zone. 

Our ISAs will reach out as early as 7:00 AM CST and as late as 10:00 PM CST. The dialers are set to observe all local and state telemarketing laws based on area code as to when it is allowed to dial in a specific market. 

The algorithm the ISAs currently use for the dialer allows them to best take advantage of the different peak hours of contact. They will be trying the homeowners at different times to increase the capture rate throughout the account.

What can I expect after I order Outreach? When will my campaign start?

After you purchase the SmartZip Outreach Campaign, you will receive a welcome email detailing the next steps. We will send the list of contacts you chose along with the list of phone numbers to the ISA's on your behalf. 

A member of the ISA team will be in touch one week after your SmartZip Outreach campaign is ordered to obtain more information about your business model and farm prior to beginning the Outreach campaign. Your campaign will begin the following Monday.

I recently signed up for SmartZip Outreach but have not received a call to start yet. Who should I reach out to?

One week after you purchase SmartZip Outreach, a representative will be in contact with you. They will be reaching out to obtain information on yourself as an agent/team, the tools you use for follow up, and other avenues of business used to receive leads.

However, if you have still not received a welcome call about your SmartZip Outreach program, feel free to contact your Client Service support team. They will be able to connect you with one of our SmartZip Outreach contacts.

How long does it normally take before I can expect to start receiving leads?

This really depends on your farm and its activity. It could vary between day one or later into your campaign, because this is all dependent on each homeowner’s receptiveness to the outreach.

Will every lead I receive be ready to list?

No. However, you will receive leads with different timelines throughout the campaign:

  • Urgent Leads are homeowners that are ready to list as soon as possible or within the next month
  • Nurture Leads are homeowners that are looking to list within the next couple of months up to a year and require nurturing up to that point in time

How does this work when we are providing you with multiple numbers per contact?

If a phone number is unreachable during the first attempt, the number will be fed back into the dialer's algorithm to be called again at a later date. 

The ISAs will move through each number first before they begin multiple attempts on any one number. 

If any of those attempts results in a final disposition, the ISAs will discontinue all subsequent attempts on all numbers affiliated with a given record. 

What kind of follow up will I need to do with the leads I get?

After each lead is identified by the Inside Sales Associate, you will receive an email with contact information and detailed notes from the ISA’s conversation with the homeowner. These notes will be very thorough. The notes will include the timeline that the homeowner is wishing to sell, when they would like to be contacted by you, and even what they specifically wish to speak with you about.

The ISAs normally break down the selling intent into 3 time blocks and have suggested the following follow up for each: 

1-3 Months 

 We recommend the agent try calling ASAP, sending an introductory email and item of value. For example, most prospects will want some type of resourceful information like a Market Snapshot of a CMA. If contact is not able to be reestablished immediately continue one touch per day for 10 days straight. We normally see communication is restored at the 7-8th attempt. 

3-6 Months  

We recommend the agent send a market snap shot and introductory email/mailer to begin building relationship with prospect. We recommend the suggested follow up time be cut in half i.e. Recommended Follow Up = 4 Months agent should attempt Follow Up in 2. Continue one touch for 10 consecutive days. We see communication is established at 7-8th attempt. 

6-12 Months

 We recommend the agent send a market snap shot and introductory email/mailer to begin building relationship with prospect. We recommend the suggested follow up time be cut in half i.e. Recommended Follow Up = 4 Months agent should attempt Follow Up in 2. Continue one touch for 10 consecutive days. We see communication is established at 7-8th attempt. 

What happens after my subscription ends?

After your subscription ends, you will receive an email overview of what has happened with your campaign. 

This will include a breakdown of the number of calls that were made, the total contacts that were made, and the leads that were sourced. You will also be provided with any additional notes from the contacts that were made.

How do I cancel my SmartZip Outreach subscription?

This campaign will continue to run automatically for the duration you have chosen. However, if you wish for the ISAs to stop calling on your behalf, please contact your support team to stop the call service.

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