Presenter: Coach Micheal Burt

Moderator: John Leeper

Date: June 20th, 2017 @10 AM PST

Title: 4 Big Missing Structures in Every Realtor's Business


Coach Micheal Burt specializes in coaching aggressive-minded companies and individuals to achieve new levels of success. He inspires and motivates across the country on topics ranging from business growth to motivation. His unique skill set and approach have made him one of the most sought out motivators and hottest business coaches in the world.

Join Coach Burt as he outlines the 4 big missing structures in every realtor's business. He will cover the following topics:

  • Brand Identity- You must have a clear and unfiltered view of what unique ability and service you have to offer the world

  • Selling System- You must have a selling and distribution system, by developing attraction relationships

  • Follow Up- The sale is nothing without the follow up

  • Drive Referral- Now it's time to become bigger than you by driving referrals from the experience you've created for customers

Using these 4 proven methods, Coach Burt creates the systems of efficiency that are so often lacking in company and business structure.

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